Terms & Conditions

Insurance: All our fleet vehicles are covered for Comprehensive Insurance and are to be used within the geographical areas of UAE. An Insurance Excess of AED 1000/- to AED 1500/- will be chargeable in case of accidents/s where the driver of the rented leased vehicle is at fault and also in the case of any unknown damage/s (Hit & Run). A Police Report is a must for all accident/s and damage/s to the vehicle. The minimum age of the driver should be above 25 years as otherwise 10% underage excess on claim value is chargeable in case of an accident. All accident claims are subject to acceptance by the Insurance Company.

Driving License & Drivers Age: In order to drive a Car (Private or Rented) in the UAE, possession of a valid UAE Driving License is a MUST. If the driver is a Visit Visa holder, then he/she must have a current International Driving License and a National Driving License from his/her place of origin. A National driving license alone is not acceptable (except for 33 Countries specified and listed by RTA).

Driving License of GCC countries is acceptable for only if he/she holds a GCC Passport. GCC countries are: UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait.

Expatriates holding GCC driving license can drive the rented/leased vehicle in UAE provided they hold a residence visa of the country that has issued their driving license. GCC driving license holders do not require an international driving license.

The driving license should be one year old. The minimum age of the driver should be above 25 years as otherwise 10% underage Excess on claim value is chargeable by the Insurance Company on every accident claim.

Service/Maintenance & Replacement vehicle: Service and Maintenance on the rented/leased vehicle will be carried our every 10,000 Km until the period of lease and a suitable replacement vehicle will be provided form our Office and Service Centre at Ras Al Khor, Dubai. In case of accident or breakdown of the leased vehicle, a suitable replacement vehicle and GM road assistance as necessary will be provided by us.

Traffic Fines: All traffic fines and offences incurred by the driver of the rented/leased vehicles/s are directly charged to us by the RTA Traffic Dept; and this amount will be charged to his/her Credit Card of his/her Company account. A service charge of 10% will also be levied on each fine in addition to AED 10/- levied by RTA. Traffic fine invoices will have to be paid to us in full immediately on our submission. All Connect vehicles are smoke free. Vehicles returned with smoke odor will be charged AED 200 fine. All traffic fines will be notified by E mail to the customer, who must settle the same immediately. The same pertains to insurance excess charges. Only salik will be billed in arrears.  Credit card authorisation forms to be signed. Please be advised that it is illegal to pick up friends and non blood relatives from public places in the UAE. In the event that RTA imposes a fine for people smuggling the customer undertakes  full responsibility for the same  and will be liable for  an amount of up to 50,000 AED.


SALIK Toll: SALIK TAG will be provided on the rented/leased vehicle and SALIK toll will be charged and levied as applicable. A service charge of 10% will be levied on each toll. Any fine due to SALIK violations will also be charged which will have to be paid on demand. SALIK invoice/s will have to be paid in full immediately on our submission.

Documents Required: The car can be released only subject to making available the following documents of the hirer/vehicle user/driver and subject to making available the following documents are:

  • Passport copy of the hirer/user/driver with valid visa page of Labour Card/National/Emirates ID.
  • Valid Driving License as applicable.
  • Credit Card of the hirer in case of individual and valid documentation and records as may be required in the case of Companies/Institutions.

    All other terms and conditions as applicable will however form part of the Rental/ Lease Agreement.